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Junk Removal in Ottawa, ON

Waste Management Service

If you have old furniture that you would like to get rid of, we can help! Our junk removal service can include anything from rubbish to construction debris. We show up on time to haul away your unwanted items.

From an environmental standpoint, it is good to have someone who knows what can be salvaged and what absolutely needs to go to the landfill. Having a bunch of junk lying around can be an eyesore. On an even more serious note, failure to get garbage clean out services can cause problems like bacteria and mold growth.

We ensure our dumpsters will not damage your laneway and are conveniently sized to fit in small laneways or tight spots. Our company runs its business to work around the clock to suit your needs and even offers convenient drop off and pick up.

We are always reachable via telephone with quick response times and provide quick service when you need another dumpster. We can bring an empty one when we pick up the full one. We promise to show up on time and accommodate all of your waste needs. Our expertise and custom service set us apart in Ottawa, ON!

You can contact us at Trash Hogs, Inc to get quality junk removal in Ottawa, ON.

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